FunSlides HD – Convert Photos to HD Video

ImageFunSlides HD is featured in iPad Apps for School. FunSlides HD is a nice iPad app ($0.99 USD) for taking your pictures and putting them into a video slideshow. You can import pictures from your iPad’s camera roll or take new pictures with the FunSlides HD app. After adding pictures to your project you can add text to each one of them. Once your images are arranged in order and your text has been added, insert the transitions you would like between images. Finally, before publishing your project add a sound track. Your sound track can be one of the stock tracks in FunSlides HD or it can be a file that you import from your iPad. Completed projects can be saved to your iPad, uploaded to YouTube, or shared on Facebook. FunSlides HD will probably remind some users of Animoto. The key difference between the two is that FunSlides HD allows you to add as much text as you like to each image. Like Animoto, FunSlides HD is nice app that students can use to quickly create short videos about a field trip, a topic they’ve researched, or to tell a story.



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