FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio is Released

May 14, 2013 — Entappie, an iOS applications development company, has launched the FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio App for the iPhone, which can be purchased at the iPhone App Store.

The app supports automatic capture with adjustable time interval. It also supports zoom in and out and never gets lost, even if you have hundreds of frames
You can import photos from your photo library instantly with a single touch with no additional cost. Finally you can publish your creations directly on YouTube and Facebook.

Even amateurs can enjoy the excitement of creating stop motion animations and time lapse recordings with the new FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio , said Saba Sarah, CEO Entappie. Stop-motion photography is the art of turning real life into a flipbook. It allows a film-maker to snap individual images over a great length of time, then compile hundreds or thousands of them into a scene. Played at speed, a video produced with stop-motion photography might appear to play out in less than a minute, even if it took hours to photograph.


About Entappie

Entappie is an iOS application and video, image processing technology development company. Our video and image processing experts are focused to develop unique filters, effects and codecs to be used in iOS applications. We also develop iOS applications to showcase strength of our technology.

iPhone Apps developed by Entappie include: FunSlides – Convert Photos to HD Video, FunSlides HD – Convert Photos to HD Video, Fx Photo Editor, Fx Cartoon Camera and LiveVideoFx.


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