FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio as an educational tool

Imagecan become fun with use of stop motion animations. With FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio an iPhone application creating stop motions is extremely easy. Even primary students can create stop motions with FunSlides. Teachers can create innovation in learning process by creating stories to teach different subjects and giving them life with stop motion animation. Using this technology teachers can not only teach art but also mathematics, science and history.

Instead of showing a static map or a physical globe a globe animation synced with lecture can be lot more fun to learn. By assigning class projects to art classes mathematical objects can be created with clay and animations can be created with help of FunSlides. Teachers can involve students to create animations and thus learning will also become more fun.

With FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio teamwork, structural thinking and planning skills can be groomed in students.  Through animation a student will be able to demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in use of computers and applications
  • Understanding the concepts underlining hardware, software and connectivity.
  • The ability to use technology for research.
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration, Communication and Creativity
  • Innovation

The time lapse recording feature opens up even more possibilities in the scientific curriculum where it helps to make slow processes more visible to the students.

We highly recommend use of FunSlides – Stop Motion Studio to make quality animations and claymations and use them in classroom.


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