FunSlides HD – Frequently asked questions

Q. When I post a video on Facebook it does not show up on my timelines?

Ans. Please make sure that you don’t use any music protected by copyright laws as background music. If you don’t have distribution rights of any content that you share on Facebook it can block that content.

Q. There is no where that I see to turn on location services for your product it appears nowhere. I can’t make it work because it keeps asking me to do so…

Ans. In iOS 6.0 Apple has changed location in settings for applications that need location services for photos. To access it Go to Settings->Privacy->Photos and here you will find “FunSlides HD” listed.

Q. Hi, I bought your FunSlides HD app and there is no Settings or Effects buttons. I’m using it on my iPad Retina using OS6.

Ans. Settings and effects are last two controls in scroll view available just above filmstrip To access them just scroll it towards left. You should be able to see two blue dots just below scroll view containing control buttons. When you will scroll left the second dot that is gray will become blue and effects and settings buttons will appear.


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July 7, 2013 · 2:53 pm

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